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Dr. Jart + Mini Must-haves Cicapair Color Corecting & Ceramidin Explorer’s Set

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Test kit of the iconic Dr. Jart +

-Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Corecting Treatment SPF 30 15ml
-Premium BB Beauty Balm SPF45 light-medium 15ml
-Ceramidin Cream Rich Moisturizing Cream 10ml
-Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution

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-Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Corecting Treatment SPF 30 15ml

Reduce skin redness and sensitivity in one easy step with Dr. Jart + Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment. This nourishing cream contains innovative color-changing capsules. They adapt to your skin tone, changing the color from light green to neutral beige. Green pigments and Asiatic Pennywort extract neutralize redness caused by irritation, pimples or rosacea. They soothe and even out the skin tone. The green treatment instantly brightens and evens out the skin tone to reduce the appearance of blemishes and discoloration.
In addition to correcting the color, the cream also helps to protect the skin against the harmful effects of environmental factors, such as pollution, and thanks to the SPF30 filter, against UV radiation. The protective properties of the cream are strengthened by the regenerating extracts of yarrow and cardiogram, which help to strengthen the skin barrier. The mineral complex, which includes sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, improves skin hydration and restores its harmony and balance. The products of the Cicapair line are distinguished by a subtle, lavender scent that soothes the senses and relaxes the mind. It brings immediate relief to tired, irritated, red and sensitive skin and gives it a healthy look.

-Premium BB Beauty Balm SPF45 light-medium 15ml

The iconic, universal cosmetic lotion that refines the complexion thanks to a strong anti-aging complex, while protecting the skin from UV damage.
Premium BB is the perfect all-round skin perfector – and an original Dr. Jart. With natural coverage and a dewy finish, this BB Cream formula is a moisturizing, sunscreen and healing serum all in one to moisturize, thicken, protect and camouflage the skin. The Premium BB SPF 45 formula provides the skin with a large amount of active ingredients to improve the visible signs of aging; moisturizes and soothes dehydrated skin; strengthens and improves the surface of the skin; camouflages and improves the appearance of uneven skin tone; and protects the skin from harmful UV rays thanks to SPF 45. Use as the last step in your skincare routine – or as a standalone immediate cosmetic that leaves your skin dewy and radiant. This care lotion is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

-Ceramidin Cream Rich Moisturizing Cream 10ml

Do you have sensitive or dry skin? Or maybe you spend a lot in the wind, sun or city air? Rich day and night face moisturizing cream Dr. Jart + Ceramidin was created to effectively nourish and strengthen the skin and provide it with defense measures. It gives protection and relief, while supporting the skin rejuvenation and renewal processes. This moisturizing face cream is perfect for extreme weather conditions. It protects the skin like a duvet against dry air, strong wind and all harmful climatic factors. Are you going to the mountains, sailing, skiing or staying in the city? Be sure to take Dr. Jart + Ceramidin face moisturizer with you.

How does the Dr. Jart + Ceramidin moisturizing face cream work?
The main active ingredient of the face moisturizing cream Dr. Jart + Ceramidin – ceramides – is a natural element of skin lipids, known as “intercellular cement”. The epidermis lacking ceramides becomes thinner, less flexible, and prone to drying out and irritation. As a result – the skin ages much faster. Ceramides, like bricks, help build a protective “wall” on the skin, which protects against the evaporation of water from the epidermis. Shea butter, like ceramides, protects the skin against moisture loss and covers it like a duvet, protecting it against dry wind, frost and temperature fluctuations.
The proper level of hydration is also ensured by hyaluronic acid and beetroot extract, which has hydrating properties. The algae extracts used in the Dr. Jart + Ceramidin face moisturizing cream, including the coral algae extract Corallina officinalis, renew, oxygenate and rejuvenate the skin. Cocoa bean extract stimulates and adds energy, removing signs of fatigue and improving skin tone. Plant ingredients with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties care for the balance and soothing of the skin: Neem leaf and artichoke extracts, turmeric and oat extracts, Tulsi sage and basil extracts, Eclipta prostrata plant extract and the bactericidal plant – artemisia vulgaris extract. .
Thanks to the content of soothing panthenol and probiotics, Dr. Jart + Ceramidin moisturizing face cream will effectively protect and regenerate sensitive skin, prone to allergies and irritations, as well as prone to imperfections. Probiotics regulate the bacterial balance of the epidermis, protecting against harmful bacteria, and provide those that feed the skin. Thanks to the content of plant antioxidants – extracts from ferns and red-leaved fruits – Dr. Jart Ceramidin + will protect us against pollution of the city air and harmful UV radiation. Bergamot and geranium oils and patchouli extract ensure a nice scent.
The Dr. Jart + Ceramidin moisturizing face cream is the basis of care for all ages and skin types. It is recommended for skin with signs of aging, dry, sensitive, prone to irritation and as a daily protection for normal skin, especially when it is exposed to irritating factors or temporarily dry and devoid of a protective lipid layer.

-Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution

A mask made of cellulose fabric deeply moisturizes, restores and protects the proper hydration of the skin.
A light and transparent mask based on thin cellulose fibers allows the pores to absorb nourishing and moisturizing ingredients as in the case of a highly moisturizing therapy. Instantly moisturizes dry skin due to dehydration, and the patented moisturizing ingredient Aquaxyl supports water retention in the skin and strengthens its protective barrier. Hyaluronic acid with a very low molecular weight activates the hydration of the skin, increasing its absorption rate. Algae extracts with alginic acid moisturize and remove impurities.

How to use ?
Cleanse the skin and apply a tonic.
Remove the protective film and apply the mask, adjusting it around the eyes and mouth.
Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
Remove the mask and gently pat the remaining serum into the skin until completely absorbed.

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