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Kate Somerville – Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream 50ml


Kate Somerville’s moisturizing cream is specially formulated for sensitive skin types, giving even the most delicate skin tones a healthy look. It contains a nourishing blend of skin care ingredients that soothe and calm irritation for a more pleasant finish. Working in harmony with natural moisturizing mechanisms, it improves the appearance of damaged areas and protects against moisture loss throughout the day.

With the addition of aloe vera and lactose extracted from goat’s milk, it has a cooling and calming effect, while the natural milk protein prevents inflammation. Helps restore a more radiant complexion.

Nutrients from avocado and jojoba help retain moisture in the skin, protecting it from dryness and providing softness. Your face will look nourished and smoother, as vitamin E and grapeseed oil contain powerful antioxidants that protect it from environmental stress.

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The product is suitable for sensitive skin types.

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