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Morphe x Jaclyn Hill – Palette Volume ll Eyeshadow Palette


Jaclyn Hill always goes the extra mile. Our star never does anything half a whistle – everything is extreme in her release. Like her new, dramatic palette. Jaclyn has created 35 vibrant shades that will let you live 100%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These shiny shades will stop at nothing. Are you ready for full enlightenment?
(row 1): Certified, I’m In It, Love Handles, Comfort Zone, Perfectionist, Ride-or-Diamonds, Thick Skin
(row 2): No Joke, Taliya, Feelin ‘Myself, Homebody, GRWM, Bojuee, Drama Queen
(row 3): Flawed & Awed, G-Money, Positivi-Tea, My Man, Grateful, Heart On, Livin ‘My Best
(row 4): A Moment, Therapy Sesh, Lolli Mama, Tipsy Girl, Empowered, Next, Dance Party
(row 5): Stay True, Not My Journey, Good Place, Paolo, Oh, Hello !, Crazy, Temptress

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