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VERSACE – The Dreamer 100ml Eau The Toilette


Man with his head in the clouds. Versace The Dreamer Eau de Toilette was created for him. Its oriental scent will make you sail away to the land of your own imagination.

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An oriental fragrance with floral notes
for the dreamer
suitable for everyday use
Fragrance composition:
The fragrance opens with herbal, male chords of mugwort, tarragon and juniper. The floral heart blooms with aromas of iris, lily and flax flower, contrasted with the intense depth of the fragrance with accords of tobacco and amber flowers. In this way, a sensual fragrance is created that expresses the harmony of body and mind, which will stir your imagination and stimulate hidden desires.

mugwort, tarragon, juniper

The so-called middle notes – the heart of the fragrance reveals itself after a few minutes, after the top notes have evaporated. It dominates for approx. 2-3 hours.
iris, lily, flax flower

The so-called bottom notes – the last, longest-lasting phase of the fragrance. It lasts from approx. 4 hours up to a whole day.

amber, tobacco flower

Fragrance groups

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