Anastasia Beverly Hills – Lash Brag Mascara Increasing Volume of Eyelashes

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This intense black mascara thickens the eyelashes and gives them incredible volume.

Effect? A look you’ll be proud of!

Lash Brag gives the eyelashes a fuller look, making it perfect for creating strong, expressive stylizations. An hourglass-shaped brush separates the lashes and covers each of them with a thick layer of pigment. It does not create lumps or weight them down, and make-up lasts all day!

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Key ingredients – Thanks to flexible polymers, the mascara spreads evenly and provides a long-lasting effect, while nourishing substances soften and smooth eyelashes. That’s not all – a special wax formula makes lashes long, expressive and full of volume. Your eyes will attract many eyes!

1) Rice bran wax 1. Adds definition to eyelashes 2. Extends and enhances eyelashes 3. Provides long-lasting effect
2) SENEGAL RUBBER Increases volume
3) PARAFFIN; SYNTHETIC BEE WAX; GLYCEROL STEARATE 1. Thickens lashes 2. Adds volume to eyelashes

Finish: Matte black

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