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Dime – Eyelash Boost Serum for Eyelash Growth 6ml


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Promote your own naturally thicker and more beautiful lashes with the bestselling Eyelash Boost Serum. Formulated with pure ingredients that are gentle and pleasant for your skin! It helps improve the length, density and strength of eyelashes, as well as the overall health of hair follicles thanks to a proprietary blend of amino acids and peptides.

Key benefits
Improves the appearance of eyelashes

It has been shown to rebuild hair for longer life and durability

All components are rated 1 on the EEC scale

Vegan + cruelty-free ingredients

Collagen is rich in amino acids that the body needs to build keratin, the protein that forms hair. These are the building blocks of hair.

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1
Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 has been shown to have a positive effect on hair follicles by stimulating skin microcirculation and reducing atrophy and aging of hair follicles.

Myristoyl pentapeptide-4 An ingredient that has been shown to improve the production of keratin, an essential part of hair strength and health

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Dime – Eyelash Boost Serum for Eyelash Growth 6ml

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