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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – Full Frontal Volume Lift Mascara 12.5ml


Full Frontal mascara by Fenty Beauty was designed to obtain full-volume lashes!

Get full volume lashes like never before with the Full Frontal Massacre – adds volume, lengthens, lifts and curls lashes – for amazing lashes! A specially designed brush is both flat and convex, thanks to which it allows for immediate lengthening and curling of eyelashes.

A special brush has 2 sides: Fat and Flat. Thanks to the first one, the eyelashes will be lifted and increase their volume. The Flat side, on the other hand, allows for perfect combing and separating the eyelashes.

The Full Frontal massacre formula is extremely light and waterproof – proven by Rihanna herself to withstand smudging, sweat and tears.

With Full Frontal mascara, you can easily build the volume of eyelashes you want!

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Vegan-friendly products, no ingredients of animal origin.

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