Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Blood Sugar Artistry Palette Shadow Palette

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Encased in a luxurious blood-black case, the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette is the palette you want to add to the top of your wish list. Solid workmanship and perfect details make the packaging the most original decoration of your dressing table! Whether you’re a die-hard diva or looking for a makeup obsession, Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette has a color for every mood, style, personality and occasion. Discover everything from bold, bright shades to unique, fun formulas, all of which are cruelty-free and vegan.

– 18 colors in the most fashionable colored shades.
– The creamy, ultra-fine texture ensures comfortable application and perfect adhesion to the eyelid.
– Strong pigmentation.
– Long-lasting effect.
– They don’t sludge, clump, crumble or roll on the eyelid.
– They blend perfectly.
– They allow you to create makeup for different occasions, using different techniques.
– They provide a perfectly matte and metallic finish.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette is the perfect way to use your creativity and bring a little craziness to your makeup. You can play with colors endlessly and put you in a positive mood! The shadows have it all – elegance, modernity, originality and chic. This is a palette made for modern, brave women who are not afraid to go crazy!

Color: Glucose, Sugarcane, Cake Mix, Ouch, Donor, Intravenous, Candy Floss, Tongue Pop, Sweetener, Cavity, O Positive, Root Canal, Prick, Cherry Soda, Fresh Meat, Blood Sugar, Extraction, Coma

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