Lapalette – Vita Yellow Facial Wash with Vitamin C 100ml

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Vitamin cleanser for brighter and shinier skin. Added pure vitamin C and natural vitamin C for an improved detoxifying ingredient

Moisturizing 1-step cleanser with 88% moisturizing essence. It is a healthy cleanser developed from a recipe

*One-step cleanser that simultaneously removes all skin impurities and makeup.

*Gel cleanser contains 88% moisturizing essence that moisturizes even after cleansing.

* Hydrogel acid moisturizing coating.

*contains lemon/grapefruit/ celery/apple/ pineapple extract.

* Bright skin that glows with a natural radiance with a skin detoxifying effect.

*Pure vitamin C and Indian gooseberry extract take care of smooth skin texture.

*Contains Aqua Ceramide, a patented material that strengthens the skin barrier.

*No artificial fragrance. Moisturizing with natural essential oils. Safe for sensitive skin

*Protection of forest ecosystems through the use of “FSC” certified tributaries.

Healthy water cleaner with 3-step system

100 ml/3.38 ounces

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