Marc Jacobs Beauty Rock (P) Out: Petite Enamored High Shine Gloss Duo 6


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Marc Jacobs Beauty in the USA. 2x small lip gloss 1.75ml. (A full-size product has 5ml and its regular price is PLN 169)
Limited edition duo of award-winning Marc Jacobs Beauty lip gloss – in the dazzling new To the Moon shade and the best-selling French Tickler shade.

Enamored Dazzling Gloss Lip Lacquer and Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer deliver maximum color and brilliance with a triple shine complex, a blend of high performance ingredients for unstoppable wear and shine. It is soft on the lips, never sticky or grainy.

This kit includes:
-1.75 ml of Enamored Dazzling Gloss Lip Lacquer w To the Moon
-1.75 mL Enamored Dazzling Gloss Lip Lacquer by French Tickler

The offer applies to 1 set