Michel Germain – Deauville Pour Homme Edt 75ml Eau de Toilette

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Confident. Sophisticated. Overflowing with confidence. Crisp clementine opens to an aromatic blend of spicy white pepper and thyme. A distinct note of French pipe tobacco, mixed with delicate amber and oakmoss, creates a rich chord of aristocratic masculinity. Deauville pour homme is for those who love French sophistication. Deauville. Overflowing with coastal essences.

Top notes: sage, clementine
HEART NOSE: French white pepper, white thyme, Genevieve
HEART NOSE: French pipe tobacco, ambergris, iris

DEAUVILLE means “city of water” in French. It is located on the beautiful coast of France and is the ancestral home of Michel Germain. Inspired by the invigorating lifestyle of sailors, lounging on beautiful beaches and breathing in the fresh coastal air.

DEAUVILLE POUR HOMME is a truly French fragrance that symbolizes the pleasures of the coast. Blended with unique ingredients, it remains unchanged, fresh and crisp. The distinctive base note of French Blonde Pipe Tobacco expresses masculinity. The rich scent of French Genevieve and spicy iris combine to create a refreshing chord.

The charm and romance of the sea is captured in the distinctive nautical expression of the bottle. The silver and crystal elements of the unique design bring to mind the exquisite taste of a French seaside resort. The heraldic lion embossed on the carton denotes the region of France in which Deauville is located.

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