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Stila – Lingerie Soufflé Skin Perfecting Primer Sheer Illumination 30Ml

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Immerse yourself in something comfortable with this gentle BB foundation, refreshingly light, delicately tinted skin perfector.

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Advanced pigments and light-refracting particles smooth, smudge and even out the skin tone, creating an optical illusion – skin that looks naturally fresh and perfect. Creates a translucent veil making each shade suitable for multiple skin tones. The skin-loving formula with plants and over 70% water ensures comfort throughout the day.

The formula creates a translucent veil that allows each shade to cover multiple skin colors.
A unique blend of advanced pigments and light-refracting particles smoothes, blurs and evens out the skin tone, creating the optimal illusion – skin that looks naturally fresh and perfect.
Luxuriously whipped like a soufflé, yet refreshingly light texture makes it the perfect perfect all year round cream.

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